Things are about to change on the East Meets West Hub in a very exciting way, and ahead of that, we’re making some important updates to our Privacy & Data Usage Policy.

What’s Happening?

We’re making the East Meets West Hub publicly viewable so that anyone visiting the Hub can see content that is posted.

Yup, after some testing and community consultation, we’ve taken the decision to change the East Meets West Hub from a private network (meaning only people who are members can see Hub content after they’ve signed in) to a public network (meaning anyone who visits the Hub can view content that has been posted there).

While all profiles and posted content will be publicly viewable, anyone who wants to create a profile, post to the Hub or message other members will still need to sign up to join (or login if they have an existing account).

These changes mean we’re making some important updates to our Privacy & Data Usage Policy and all Hub members should read these changes to make sure they’re happy. You can read the upcoming policy here, and the most relevant section relating to all this in Section 7: How we handle and protect your data.

Why Are You Making These Changes?

We want to make it easier for everyone in the Midlands theatre sector to access the ever-expanding wealth of knowledge and resources that are available on the Hub.

Two of the four key pillars on which East Meets West stands are efficiency and transparency. We’re constantly striving to help the regional sector share good practice and find the support they need as easily and as openly as possible.

Removing the sign-in process every time you want to access information on the Hub will help with this. It means we can link to Hub information on the EMW website and social media channels which will take visitors directly to the information they need, without the barrier of a sign-in screen. (To post, comment or message on the Hub, you’ll still need a profile to sign in with.)

As a Hub member, you will benefit by getting to share your information more widely too. You can share direct links to your articles and your events listed in the community events calendar.  You can also link directly to your Hub profile on your own website or social media, using it as a professional calling card. In fact, we’ll be shining the spotlight on some of our most active members very soon, so this is the perfect opportunity to make sure your profile is up-to-date.

When Are You Making These Changes?

The Hub will be opened on Monday 4th January 2021 at Midday.

We wanted to give Hub members plenty of notice about these changes so they can fully understand them and make sure they’re happy.

What If I Don’t Like These Changes?

Your privacy and the way we handle your data is our priority. You have total control over how your data is used.

We know that some of you may have concerns about privacy now that these changes are happening. Here are some things you need to know:

  • You control what information is publicly viewable on your profile. You should visit your profile now and edit it to make any changes you want. Think of your profile as your professional calling card for the industry. Remember: The Hub is for people to connect, not for organisations. You’re encouraged to talk about and post on behalf of your organisation, but keep your profile as you, not your company. To edit your profile: log in to the Hub > click on your profile picture > click Your Settings > click Edit Profile.
  • You control what publicly viewable information you’ve posted to the Hub. You can easily check what  you’ve posted: log in to the Hub > click on your profile picture > click View Profile > click See All Activity. If there is anything you want to edit or delete, clicking on the three option dots will give you the opportunity to do that.
  • Your final option is to delete your account (but we’d be really sad to see you go!). This will automatically delete your profile, your posts and any other data you’ve provided. To delete your account: log in to the Hub > click on your profile picture > click Your Settings > click Account > click the link to permanently delete your account. Please note that Hub notifications and our mailing list notifications work across two systems. Deleting your account will stop any Hub notifications, but if you also want to be removed from the mailing list, click on the unsubscibe link at the bottom of any MailChimp email we send you.
  • It’s worth mentioning that the Hub provides an option to deactivate your account. This will temporarily freeze your account, but you should know that your profile and previous post history will remain.

What If I Need More Information?

We want the Hub to work well for you and we want to help you make the most of what it has to offer. We’re here to answer any questions you have — the easiest way is to send us a direct message via the Hub. Alternatively, you can email us at

Thanks for reading. If you still have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Best wishes

Team Quake