EFFECTIVE DATE: 26th April 2019


Before interacting with East Meets West and other members of the network, you should read:

By continuing to interact with East Meets West and other members of the network, you agree to the terms set out in both of these documents.

We’ve written these Terms, Conditions & Community Guidelines so that the network remains a safe, positive and collaborative place to share information and support one another.


The East Meets West Network, including its website (eastmeetswest.org.uk) and associated social media profiles, is owned and operated by Little Earthquake as part of our wider activities.

All content on our website and associated social media profiles belongs to Little Earthquake, and all rights are reserved.

More information about Little Earthquake, including our contact details:

Little Earthquake is a company limited by guarantee incorporated in England and Wales (Company number 10168346).

Our website address is: little-earthquake.com

Our correspondence address is:

Little Earthquake
Department of Drama and Theatre Arts
University of Birmingham
The Old Library (SOVAC)
998 Bristol Road
Selly Oak
B29 6LG

You can also contact us using the contact form on our website, or email us at epicentre [at] little-earthquake [dot] com. Once you have created a member account on eastmeetswest.org.uk, you can contact us directly via our profile: Team.Quake.

If you have questions regarding these Terms, Conditions & Community Guidelines, please don’t hesitate to contact us using the details above. Depending on your enquiry, we may need to ask you to prove your identity.


East Meets West strives to provide quality, relevant and safe information. However, we cannot be held responsible for information posted by other members or found on external websites linked to from East Meets West. All information is provided in good faith, but is used solely at the user’s own risk. You are advised to take all necessary precautions when acting on any information provided or when visiting external websites.

We will correct any factual errors or inaccuracies as quickly as possible once we are made aware of them.

We ensure that appropriate organisational and technical measures are taken against unauthorised administrative access to eastmeetswest.org.uk. However, we cannot be held responsible for any damage to your computer or loss of data which may occur during the use of our website or external websites linked to from East Meets West. For more information about the steps we take to keep the website and your data secure, see our Privacy & Data Usage Policy.


East Meets West is for everyone working in the professional independent theatre sector within the Midlands.

By theatre we mean the whole gamut of live performance from dance to circus, spoken word to live art, immersive to more traditional, plus all of those indefinable bits in between. If you describe what you do as theatre in some way, East Meets West is for you.

By everyone we mean Administrators, Composers and Musicians, Designers, Directors, Dramaturgs, Evaluators, Facilitators, Funders, General Managers, Marketers, Performers, Producers, Production and Stage Managers, Programmers, Technicians, Theatre-Makers, Writers… and anyone else who helps to get independent theatre in front of audiences. We support Artists, but we also know that others working in the sector need a support network too.

Whilst we recognise the enormous contribution amateur artists, organisations and societies bring to the cultural landscape of the Midlands, East Meets West is intended for those working within the industry in a professional capacity.

Most members will live and work in the East or West Midlands. For our purposes, an Eastie is based and making work in: Derbyshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, Northamptonshire, Nottinghamshire or Rutland — and a Westie is based and making work in: Birmingham, Dudley, Herefordshire, Sandwell, Shropshire, Staffordshire, Walsall, Warwickshire, Wolverhampton or Worcestershire.

If you don’t live in the Midlands you can be an Honorary Member. All we ask is that you have a vested interest in work being created in (and not just touring to) the Midlands.

You need to be aged 16 or over to join the network.

East Meets West is an inclusive network and we want to reach and welcome as wide and as diverse a membership as possible. We’d love to hear from you and join forces to help more people engage with the network.

To ensure membership of the network maintains its integrity, all requests to join need to be approved by our Moderators. Once members have been approved, the information they post isn’t moderated before being published but is subject to regular monitoring.


When you create a member account on eastmeetswest.org.uk, you are given a profile through which you can post content on the website, and interact with other members.

We believe that a community thrives because of the individuals within it, no matter what size or shape of organisation they work for. Therefore, please register as yourself rather than as your organisation(s). You’ll have an opportunity to talk about your organisation(s) on your profile.

You may have spotted that despite this, Little Earthquake (curators of East Meets West) has a organisation profile (Team.Quake). This is purely for site administration. Each member of Team Quake has a personal profile too. Be sure to say hello:

Gareth can be found at Gareth.Nicholls
Phil can be found at Phil.Holyman


By creating a member account on eastmeetswest.org.uk, you are also agreeing to the terms set out in our Privacy & Data Usage Policy. The policy provides detailed information about the types of data we collect, when and why we collect it, as well as how we handle it and keep it secure.

Below are some important points from the Privacy & Data Usage Policy which relate specifically to the membership sections of eastmeetswest.org.uk:

The membership sections of the website are private. This means you need to have an account and log into the site to access membership features such as your own and other members’ profiles, the activity walls and streams, the discussion forums, the messaging systems, and the ability to add events to the community calendar or blog post comments. This also means your profile and other information you post through your account can’t be seen by visitors who aren’t logged in.

Three exceptions to this are:

  • The posts you make on the discussion forums. These posts are collated into a community round-up bulletin that is emailed each week to members who subscribe when they create an account or opt-in later via their account dashboard. Members can also choose to receive real-time email notifications when any new topics are posted to a specific forum or when updates are made to specific topics. Those who receive the community round-up bulletin or real-time notification emails will only be able to see your forum post and your name in the email. They will still need to log into the website to access your profile, reply to your post, see your other posts or message you;
  • The events you add to the community calendar. These events can be seen by everyone visiting the site and are also collated into the community round-up bulletin email. Visitors to the site and members who subscribe to the bulletin will only be able to see the information you include in the event submission form. They will still need to log into the website to access your profile, see your other posts or message you;
  • The blog post comments you make. These comments can be seen by everyone visiting the site. These visitors will only be able to see your comment and your name. They will still need to log into the website to access your profile, reply to your comment, see your other posts or message you.

When you post content to the website through your profile, you are voluntarily publishing information that can be seen by other members of the network. You should therefore only post information that you’d be happy to share with those members and are advised to do so with due care and caution in regard to your own personal privacy.

We have a duty to remind you that publishing personally identifiable information on the internet (even on a private membership site) potentially puts you at a higher risk of identity theft. You can find more information about identity theft here: www.actionfraud.police.uk

While we take technical steps to prevent the automated harvesting of information you post, we cannot guard against manual collection or sharing by other members of the network, despite this being forbidden in these community guidelines (see the ‘Respect for other members’ privacy’ section below).

East Meets West encourages users wishing to discuss sensitive details to contact their correspondent through more private communication channels (such as by telephone, email, contact forms or private messaging) rather than through publicly visible posts.

With regards to private messaging on eastmeetswest.org.uk, it is only your correspondent who can see your messages. Little Earthquake (curators of East Meets West) does not have access to any private messages sent by other members.

For more information about the steps we take to keep the website and your data secure, see our Privacy & Data Usage Policy.

Respect for other members’ privacy

We work hard to respect the privacy of our members and you should too. Members are forbidden to share any information posted by another member within the network to platforms outside the network. Exceptions to this are if you have been granted explicit consent to do so by the member who originally posted the information you wish to share.

Leaving the network and/or deleting your data

You can leave the network at any time by deleting your member account via your account dashboard. When you delete your account it will also securely remove all of your data from the website.

You can also contact us to ask that we delete your member account and data manually. We will need to verify the request via the email address you used to set up your member account.

Data request

You can ask us to see a copy of any data we hold about you at any time. We will need to verify the request via the email address you used to set up your member account.

Data modification

You can change much of the information you have posted to the website yourself via your account dashboard and profile page.

You can ask us to modify any data you can’t change yourself. We will need to verify the request via the email address you used to set up your member account.


The East Meets West network is a very safe, friendly and supportive environment, and we intend to keep it that way. Please be nice to one another!

Debate and discussion is an important aspect of the network. While we value honesty and transparency during complex or difficult conversations, the tricky thing about written text is that tone can often be lost or misinterpreted. Please take this into account when posting.

Please don’t post anything that could be considered rude, discriminatory, defamatory, libellous, threatening or unpleasant. We just won’t tolerate it. We will remove the offending content and reserve the right to delete a member’s account if that member is found to have engaged with us and/or other members in a negative way.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about content posted to the website.


We rely on the members of the network to add almost all of its content. We recognise the huge contribution this makes to the success of the network and we seek to allow members as much freedom as we can in the content they add.

Posting content is restricted to approved members only and while the information they post isn’t moderated before being published, the site is regularly monitored. We reserve the right to remove or edit any postings we deem to be in breach of these Terms, Conditions & Community Guidelines.

Please contact us if you see content on the website that you believe should be removed or edited.


The network serves those working within the professional independent theatre sector in the Midlands. All posted content should be genuinely relevant to members.

Try and make your posted content as accurate and complete as you can. It’ll be of most use to other members and you’re likely to get a better response.

These are the sections in which you can post when you are logged in:

  • On your own profile;
  • On your own activity wall;
  • On other members’ activity walls;
  • On the site-wide activity stream;
  • On the various discussion forums (including the Advice Line forum, the Community Noticeboard, the General Discussions forum, the Jobs & Opportunities forum, and the Tour Booking Database);
  • In private messages to other members;
  • On the community events calendar;
  • In blog post comments.

Please think about the most useful and relevant place to post your information before you do so, and only post your information to one location. Although you may be tempted to cross-post into multiple locations, you’re guaranteed to annoy members, especially those who have notifications turned on!

No matter where you post, all information is pulled into the site-wide activity stream (except for private messages) so can be seen by everyone browsing that. Posts made on the discussion forums and the community events calendar are also included in the community round-up bulletin which is emailed to members who subscribe each week.

When posting events to the community calendar, please only include events that are taking place within the Midlands.

Users should only repost content which is similar to content that has previously been posted if there is a genuine reason for doing so. Examples of valid reasons for reposting include:

  • If an opportunity that you have previously posted about is approaching its deadline for applications and you wish to remind members about the deadline. You should only post a maximum of two reminders in addition to the original post;
  • If a job application deadline has passed without suitable applications being received and the recruitment process has been extended beyond the original deadline;
  • If a previously posted opportunity or event is occurring again at a different venue or on a different date;
  • If the details of a post have otherwise substantially or materially changed so as to alter the section of the website to which the information belongs.

Keeping content on the site-wide activity stream is not a valid reason for reposting content!

If at any point you’re unsure of whether your information is right for the site, or where it should be posted to, please get in touch.


The services provided are offered without cost to our members. While we endeavour to provide all reasonable technical support to our members and to maintain a high level of service, we do not guarantee that these services will be available to members constantly. We accept no liability for any loss or damage that result from any inability by members to access the services that we provide.

From time to time we may need to remove inactive accounts from the network in order to maintain the website’s optimum speed and security. Before doing so we will endeavour to email the account owner to notify them of our intent to remove their account. We will do this no less than 14 days before we close the account.


The most up-to-date version of these Terms, Conditions & Community Guidelines can always be found on this page.

It may be updated in the future to take into account changes at East Meets West and the services we provide, or to reflect changes to regulation or legislation. Whenever we update the policy, we will also update the “effective date” at the top. We will also inform you of any changes via a prominent notice on the website prior to the change becoming effective.