For 2018/19 Team Quake has developed a fun-packed programme of events, activities and initiatives designed to tackle challenges identified by members of the East Meets West network at our 2017 symposium.

The 2018/19 Brochure gives you an overview of the main strands of the programme and includes information on how you can get involved with everything that’s happening.

Below, you can discover more about opportunities that are happening right now…

East Meets West Programme Brochure


Those Who Can, Teach.

We’re in the process of commissioning a programme of skills workshops which are all created by and for members of the Midlands’ independent theatre sector. These workshops will offer a breadth of training opportunities to the regional theatre-making community, from specific artistic skills and practices to some of the more mystifying elements of theatre production, promotion and management.

After a call-out for Expressions of Interest earlier this year, we received loads of brilliant ideas and we’re currently in the process of looking through them all. Each commissioned workshop leader will receive:

  • A commission fee of £200 to develop their workshop;
  • A fee of £250 to deliver one workshop session as part of the East Meets West workshop programme;
  • Inclusion in the East Meets West digital workshops brochure which will be circulated to other national venues and artist development schemes, to encourage additional bookings and help you use your workshop to generate future income.

The full programme will be announced very soon, with workshops taking place this Autumn.


We know all too well that, sometimes, making work can feel a little like screaming into the void, but the truth is that whatever you’re struggling with or worrying over (or perhaps even excited about), there will be someone else not too far away who’s dealing with or has dealt with the exact same thing.

The Easties Meet Westies Buddy Scheme brings together artists, companies and other theatre people who are working at a similar level or scale on either side of the Midlands divide, in order to establish some new relationships and to provide some essential peer support.

To kick things off, we throw a small bursary your way to cover the costs of an initial meet-up — maybe seeing a show together at a Midlands venue! — and then it’s over to you to make the most of your new support system.

Who knows? There might be the basis for a new collaboration, for pooling resources or sharing things you’ve learned… And our wedding hats are on standby, in case things take a particularly romantic turn for anyone…

So far we’ve sent nine pairings on buddy scheme dates:

  • Ben Anderson (producer and theatre-maker, Derby) — Will Jackson (director and theatre-maker, Birmingham). Find out how they got on here.
  • Laura Ryder (physical theatre-maker, Derby) — Emily Robertson (dancer, Coventry). Find out how they got on here.
  • Hannah Torrance (writer, Leicester) — Katie Webster (theatre-maker, Birmingham). Find out how they got on here.
  • Marcus Paragpuri (theatre-maker, Birmingham) — Arte Artemiou (academic and theatre-maker, Northampton) Find out how they got on here.
  • Simon Bolton (director, Ludlow) — Ben Spiller (director, Derby). Find out how they got on very soon!
  • Lucy Bird (director and producer, Birmingham) — Sarah Kolawole (playwright, Nottingham). Find out how they got on very soon!
  • Matthew Gabrielli (writer, Birmingham) — Michelle Hubbard (poet and storyteller, Nottingham). Find out how they got on very soon!
  • Claire Coaché (director and theatre-maker, South Herefordshire) — Ollie Smith (theatre-maker, Nottingham). Find out how they got on very soon!
  • Laura Killeen (general manager, Birmingham) — Rafia Hussain (independent producer, Derby). Find out how they got on very soon!

A third round of the scheme, including an opportunity to apply for your very own buddy, will be launched this autumn.

Image: Laura Ryder & Company | The Bee Project
Photograph by Luke Galloway


The East Meets West Theatre Club is an opportunity for us all to get together for a drink, go and see some theatre, and support our peers at the same time.

So far, Theatre Clubs have taken place alongside the following shows:

Maison Foo
A Thing Mislaid
Midlands Arts Centre (MAC)
October 2018

Spiltmilk Dance
Desert Island Flicks
Arena Theatre, Wolverhampton
March 2019

In Bed With My Brother
Tricky Second Album
Attenborough Arts Centre (as part of In Good Company’s Check-In Festival 2019)
April 2019

Graeme Rose
Fred Jeffs: The Sweetshop Murder
Birmingham REP
May 2019

More Theatre Club events will be announced for Autumn 2019 very soon.

Image: Spiltmilk Dance | Desert Island Flicks


We’re super excited to launch the next phase in our ongoing development of East Meets West: your brand new online community network!

You can now register for an account at Once you’ve signed up, you’ll be able to:

  • Build a profile to tell the rest of the community about who you are, what you do, and the projects you’re currently working on;
  • Access the community directory where you can search for and view other member’s profiles;
  • Post to your own activity wall, other members’ activity walls, and on the site-wide activity stream;
  • Send private messages to other members;
  • Post to the various community discussion forums (including the Advice Line forum, the Community Noticeboard, the General Discussions forum, the Jobs & Opportunities forum, and the Tour Booking Database). Any topics you start on the forums will also be included in a community round-up bulletin which is emailed to members each week;
  • Add events to the community calendar, including your tour dates;
  • Comment on blog posts.

So what are you waiting for? Grab yourself a profile! Start by registering here.